Placement Cell (MBA)


PRO: A Training & Placement cell

To bring all Training and Placement activities under a single umbrella, the Placement Cell at CPIMR has conceptualized PRO – Placement Readiness and Orientation. PRO, since its inception, has been working constantly towards providing students with an opportunity to do meaningful and lucrative work. The cell organizes seminars and workshops on career-related matters, provides internship opportunities, and conducts PRO Placement Sessions from time to time.



"Their intellect, dedication, and innovative mindset have been nurtured through a rigorous curriculum, practical exposure, and experiential learning opportunities. By embracing a holistic approach to education, we strive to produce graduates who possess technical expertise and strong interpersonal skills."

Prof (Dr) Abhinava S. Singh

Director, CPIMR


Institute's Initiatives

ASAP - Advanced Skill Acquisition Program

The Institute provides an opportunity for students to work in the industry for short-duration finite projects in order to enhance their learning and improve their managerial skills. Companies like Aditya Birla Group, Decathlon, and Big Bazaar regularly recruit students for such internships. 


TEAM – Towards Excellence in Academics and Management

To keep students abreast of the latest developments and innovations in the field of management, the Institute organizes academic events – seminars, workshops, symposiums, etc. – under the banner of TEAM. Various resource persons from across the industries are invited to interact with the students.


CPIMR Case Center

CPIMR Casse center, established in 2019, is an initiative by Chimanbhai Patel Institute of Management & Research (CPIMR) to promote writing and teaching cases as an integral part of the management curriculum.


PRO-Placement Readiness and Orientation

The placement team organizes the PRO by industry experts to share their views and advice with management students. Such sessions help students to start their corporate journey with expert knowledge and help the students to be industry-ready. PRO also includes practical learning through workshops like Excel, Canva, grooming and Personality development, etc, seminars/webinars from the experts from diverse domains, industry visits, etc to make students understand the industry expectations.


Summer Internship

After the second semester, students undergo the summer internship program (SIP) for 6 to 8 weeks. To facilitate this process, the institute organizes a SIP recruitment drive. During the drive, companies either visit the campus or organize a selection process at their location. Most of companies offer the students a pre-placement offer at the time of completion of the internship. Thus, SIP is linked to the placements.




Orientation: To make students aware of the placement procedure, the team organizes an orientation session for semester 3 students. The session encompasses an industry overview and job profiles, CPIMR placement procedures, and PRO

Pre-Placement Talk: This is an arrangement for interaction between the students and the company representatives, where information regarding the company profile, JD, industry aspect etc are made available to the students. 

Placement Interviews: After providing a list of candidates to the company, a final step of the selection process begins. Students can prepare for the interview. At the time of an interview, the company will discuss the role in detail helping the candidate make the right choice.

Final Offer: After completion of the interviews, the company makes an offer to selected candidates via placement cell mentioning the agreed upon terms and condition 




No placements


MBA course1


Shri Chimanbhai Patel Institute of Management & Research (CPIMR)

MBA Programme Structure

MBA Programme Highlights:

  • The MBA Programme of CPIMR is based on semester pattern, with four semesters constituting two academic years, and each academic year having two semesters.
  • AICTE approved.
  • It covers both core and specialization courses as well as field work.
  • Specialization courses fall under at least one of the three functional areas of business: finance, human resources, and marketing
    • Non-Credit Course: An intensive and exhaustive month-long orientation programme will be conducted through the Induction (Anusthapan) and Foundation programme (Prarambh).
    • Anusthapan would provide an overview of the institute and the pedagogy & rigor involved in completing the MBA programme besides insights from business leaders and alumni.
    • Prarambh will offer fundamental knowledge in certain subjects that would help students to understand the concept better when actual sessions commence.
    • The first-year students are offered Advance Skills Acquisition Programme (ASAP), a as non-credit non-mandatory course. The programme will provide students with a window to how the business world works.
    • TEAM - Towards Excellence in Academics and Management is an initiative by CPIMR to bring all value-additive academic activities such as seminars, guest lectures, workshops and industry visits under a single umbrella.
    • CPIMR Case Centre - Case Center is responsible for promoting Case Writing and Teaching pedagogy. Faculty members are encouraged to develop and publish teaching cases which are then taught to students to enhance their practical learning.


Programme Structure

  • Duration of the Programme: 2 years
  • Total Credits: 116 credits
  • 1 credit = 10 hours
  • Each course/subject will be of 4 credits (40 hours)
  • The first year of MBA will cover 56 credits while the second year will have 60 credits.
  • Contact hours will include work relating to Lecture, Tutorial and Project (LTP), where the academic institution can exercise flexibility to decide course wise requirements.


List of Subjects

First Year

Semester 1: (7 subjects X 4 credits = 28 credits)
1. Accounting for Managers
2. Organizational Behavior
3. Business Communication
4. Business Statistics (QT)
5. Management Information System
6. Managerial Economics
7. Ethics, Governance, and Indian Ethos
Semester 2: (7 subjects X 4 credits = 28 credits)
1. Human Resource Management
2. Research Methodology
3. Production and Operations Mgmt.
4. Entrepreneurship
5. Business Analytics
6. Corporate Finance
7. Marketing Management


Second Year


Semester 3 (9 subjects X 4 credits = 36 credits)
Core Compulsory

  1. Summer Internship Programme (SIP)
  2. Case Research Project
  3. Strategic Management
  4. Advanced Excel


Specialization Electives (5)

Finance Marketing Human Resource
Security Analysis &  Portfolio Management Consumer Behavior Compensation Management
Financial Derivatives Integrated Marketingn Communication Change Management & OD
Financial Markets & Services Sales and & Distribution Mgmt. HR Audit & Analytics
Any two out of following list:
1. Behavioral Finance
2. Insurance & Risk Management
3. Financial Analytics
4. Fintech & Blockchain
5. Financial Econometrics
Any two out of following list:
1. Digital & Social Media Marketing
2. Strategic Marketing
3. International Marketing
4. Retail Marketing
5. Marketing Analytics
Any two out of following list:
1. Industrial relations & Employment Laws
2. Competency Mapping
3. Strategic HRM
4. Retail Marketing


Semester 4 (4 subjects X 4 credits) + (1 subject X 8 credits) = 24 credits

Core Compulsory
Capstone Project (8 credits course)
General Management Elective (Any one out of following):

  1. International Business
  2. Customer Relationship Mgmt.
  3. Legal Aspects of Business


Specialization Electives (3)

Finance Marketing Human Resource
International Finance Services & Relationship Marketing Performance Management Systems
Corporate restructuring & Valuation Strategic Brand Management Human resource development
Any one out of following list:
1. Financial Planning & taxation
2. Banking
3. Treasury Management
4. Commodity Markets
5. Sustainability & Finance
Any one out of following list:
1. Rural Marketing
2. B2B Marketing
3. Event and Entertainment Marketing
4. Marketing research
5. Sustainability & Marketing
Any one out of following list:
1. Global HR
2. Training & Development
3. Talent Management
4. Managerial Psychology
5. Sustainability & HRM



The pedagogy includes case study methodology, live group and individual assignments, role plays, games and simulations, lectures, self-assessments, and field studies.

Many of the case studies used in the class are authored by the faculty team and sourced from reputed national and international publications. The case studies are systematically identified and adopted by the faculty with the help of the CPIMR Case Centre.

  • Reviews
    Dr. Abhinava Singh

    Designation: Professor & Director

    Educational Qualifications: PhD (Management), MBA (Marketing), B.Sc. (Chemistry)

    Academic Experience: 17 years

    Industry Experience: Six years

    Mail id:


  • Reviews
    Dr. Anu Gupta

    Designation: Associate Professor

    Educational Qualifications: Ph.D. ,  M.B.A ,  PGDIRPM ,B.B.A

    Academic Experience: 16 years

    Industry Experience: 3 years

    Mail id:


  • Reviews
    Dr. Chandni Dave

    Designation: Assistant Professor

    Educational Qualifications: Ph.D. (Management), M. B. A (HR / Finance), B.B.A (HR)

    Academic Experience (In years): 11 Years

    Mail id:

  • Reviews
    Dr. Dipti Saraf

    Name: Dr. Dipti Saraf

    Designation: Assistant Professor

    Educational Qualifications: Ph.D. (Management), MBA  (Finance), B.Sc. (Statistics),

    Academic Experience: 11 years

    Industry Experience: 3 Years

    Mail id:


  • Reviews
    Ms. Harleen Kaur Saluja

    Designation: Assistant Professor 

    Educational Qualifications: Pursuing Ph.D. (Management), MBA (HR), M. Com, B. Com

    Academic Experience (In years): 7 years

    Mail id: 


  • Reviews
    Ms. Kajal Mehta

    Designation: Assistant Professor

    Educational Qualifications: Ph.D. (Pursuing), M.Phil. (Management), M.B.A. (Finance), B.B.A. (Management Accountancy, Quantitative Techniques), UGC-NET

    Academic Experience (In years): 8 years

    Industry Experience (In Years): 1 year

    Mail id:


  • Reviews
    Dr. Mayur Shah

    Designation: Associate Professor & HOD-Finance

    Educational Qualifications: Ph.D. (Management-Finance), MBA (Finance), B.Com.

    Academic Experience: 19 Years

    Industry Experience: 5 Years

    Mail id:


  • Reviews
    Ms. Meet Bhatt

    Designation: Assistant Professor

    Educational Qualifications: Ph.D. (Management - Pursuing), MBA (Human Resource), B.E. (Information Technology)

    Academic Experience (In years): 3.5 Years

    Industry Experience (In Years): 4.5 Years

    Mail id:

  • Reviews
    Dr. Minti Sinha

    Designation: Assistant Professor

    Educational Qualifications: Ph.D. (Management), M.Com (Accounting), B.Com, SET: Commerce

    Academic Experience (In years): 3.5 Years +

    Industry Experience (In Years): 2 Years

    Mail id:

  • Reviews
    Dr. Nazneen Sheikh

    Designation: Assistant Professor

    Educational Qualifications: Ph.D. (Management), MBA (Finance), B. Com (Accountancy), Diploma in Training and Development (ISTD)

    Academic Experience (In years): 10.8 Years

    Mail id:


  • Reviews
    Dr. Priyanka Shah

    Designation: Associate Professor

    Educational Qualifications: Ph.D. (Management), MBA (Marketing), B.Sc.

    Academic Experience (In years): 14

    Industry Experience (In Years): 02

    Mail id:


  • Reviews
    Dr. Richa Pandit

    Designation: Associate Professor

    Educational Qualifications: Ph.D. (Marketing), MBA (Marketing – Gold Medalist), B.Sc. (Biochemistry; VOC. Biotechnology),

    Academic Experience: 13 Years

    Industry Experience: 2 Years

    Mail id:


  • Reviews
    Dr. Subhasish Mitra

    Designation: Assistant Professor

    Educational Qualifications: Ph.D. (Management), PGDBM (Marketing & Operations), M.Sc. (Mathematics), B.E. (Chemical)

    Academic Experience: 10 years

    Industry Experience: 16 years

    Mail id:


  • Reviews
    Dr. Swati Saxena

    Designation:  Assistant Professor

    Educational Qualifications: Ph.D. (Commerce), MBA (Marketing), MPhil., BBA, UGC -NET (Management)

    Academic Experience: 18 Years

    Industry Experience: 1 Year

    Mail id:

  • Reviews
    Dr. Vaidehi Shukla

    Designation: Assistant Professor

    Educational Qualifications: Ph.D. (Commerce), MBA (Marketing), (Banking & Finance). B. Com (Account & Finance), PGDHRM

    Academic Experience (In years): 9

    Mail id:


  • Reviews
    Mr. Sandeep Shroff

    Designation: Adjunct Professor

    Qualifications: FCA, CFA

    Total Experience: 36 years

    E-mail ID:


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