Dr. Mayur Shah

Designation: Associate Professor & HOD-Finance

Educational Qualifications: Ph.D. (Management-Finance), MBA (Finance), B.Com.

Academic Experience: 19 Years

Industry Experience: 5 Years

Mail id: mayurfinance@gmail.com



Brief profile:

Dr. Mayur Shah is one of the leading professionals in business management education with a distinguished academic and research career. His core area of expertise includes Security Analysis & Portfolio Management, Foreign Exchange, Derivatives & Risk Management, Sustainable Finance & Investment. He has more than 18 years of teaching experience in MBA program as a finance area faculty. He is member of various committees handling academic and administrative activities at the institute as well as university level. He is a member of Board of studies - MBA at GTU from 2021 to 2024. He is also a PhD Guide with Gujarat Technological University. He has published research papers/cases in national as well as international journals.


Names of previous Industry Affiliations:

  1. Anand Rathi Securities Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Navkar Enterprise.


Names of previous Academic Affiliations:

  1. AES Post Graduate Institute of Business Management.
  2. V M Patel Institute of Management


Subjects Taught:(At CPIMR)

  1. Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
  2. International Finance
  3. Derivatives & Risk Management
  4. Financial Management



  • Research Papers in Scopus Indexed, ABDC, CABS AJG & UGC CARE Journals:
    • Patel, M., Shah, M. (2021).  Investor Behaviour towards Indian Commodity Market: An Empirical Analysis w.r.t North Gujarat Region. Empirical Economics Letters.
    • Shah, M., Gandhi, K. (2021), Digital Financial Inclusion in times of Covid 19. Empirical Economics Letters.
    • Ganatra, R., Shah, M. (2021). Accounting Distress Assessment of Auto Companies in India. Empirical Economics Letters.
    • Modi, V., Ganatra, R., & Shah, M. (2021) Assessment of investment motives of the salaried class individuals across Ahmedabad City during Covid pandemic Scenario. Empirical Economics Letters.
    • Singh, A. S., & Shah, M. (2021). Tata trusts: positively and sustainably contributing to the development of sport in India. Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies.
    • Singh, A. S., & Shah, M. D. (2021). The case of a management institute in India: recrafting the vision and mission. The CASE Journal.
    • Singh, A. S., Shah, M., & Pathak, P. (2020). Pitfalls of a fledgling venture, Fetakart: in search of a viable business model. Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies.
    • Ganatra, R., Shah, M., & Modi, V. (2020). Prospects of Digital Banking Technology in Gujarat State. Studies in Indian Place Names.
    • Gujarati, H., Baser, H., Parikh, A., Shah, M. (2020). Empirical Study on relationship between India’s Index of Industrial Production of Manufacturing Sector and Crude Oil Prices. GFJMR.
    • Shah, M., Gandhi, K. (2020). A Study on Current Status of Financial Inclusion in Rural Gujarat. Studies in Indian Place Names.
    • Patel, M., Shah, M., (2020). Comparative Study of Customer Satisfaction towards Banking Services of Selected Private and Public Banks: An Application of SERVQUAL Model. Studies in Indian Place Names. 
    • Patel, M., Shah, M., (2018). A Study on Investor’s Behaviour toward the Equity Market with reference to Public Announcement: A Study of North Gujarat Region. International journal of research culture society.


  • Cases:
    • Singh, A., Shah, M. (2020). From Sweets to Sour: A case of Bhavsagar Sweets. In Strategic Challenges in Small Business: A Collection of Compact Cases (ISBN No: 978-93-5406-237-7). CPIMR Case Center.


  • Books / Chapters in a Book:
    • Chapter in a book:
      • Singh, A., Shah, M. (2020). From Sweets to Sour: A case of Bhavsagar Sweets. In Strategic Challenges in Small Business: A Collection of Compact Cases (ISBN No: 978-93-5406-237-7). CPIMR Case Center.
    • E-Books:
      • Shah, M., Singh, A., & Desai, R.(2021). Sustainable Business Practices in Uncertain Times: An Indian Perspective. Lambert Publishing.
      • Desai, R., Singh, A., & Shah, M. (2021).Innovative Management Practices in Uncertain Times: An Indian Perspective.Lambert Publishing.


Link to Social Media Profile/ Research Profile:

LinkedIn: https://in.linkedin.com/in/mayur-shah-1038b412

Orcid Id: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-7216-4643

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.co.in/citations?user=-AFpwTcAAAAJ&hl=en

Publons: https://publons.com/researcher/3438239/dr-mayur-shah/