About us

About us

Welcome to SVGU


As Knowledge and Sustainable Growth are becoming the key factors for future development, Sardar Vallabhbhai Global University will focus on both by providing education and research opportunities which are collaborative, technologically-enabled, relevant, and based on future needs.

Mission Statement

  • “To establish a center of excellence which will have linkages with industry, academia, government and social sectors and fulfil the collective needs of various stakeholders of society”
  • “To provide a platform that is conducive for exchange of ideas, teaching, research and extension so that students are nurtured for their future role as leaders in globalized knowledge economy”
  • “To develop value based, skill-based, relevant and futuristic programs benefitting the students to have better scope of success in their future endeavours”
  • “To forge alliances with international universities and sign MOUs with leading global educational institutes and industry players in specified area of study and research.”

President's Message

Mr. Siddharth C. Patel


MBA, University of Dallas, USA

Dear Friends and Students,

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to Sardar Vallabhbhai Global University at Ahmedabad. SVGU's motto is "Powering the Potential". Our aim is to provide knowledge as well as platform for the future career of our students.


Education liberates the mind; opens up amazing possibilities and opportunities. Today's youth is energetic and is constantly searching for new information and knowledge. It is our constant endeavour to mentor and help them to explore their true potential, so they sparkle with new ideas and equip themselves to make strong impact.


Since its inception in 1978, Sardar Vallabhbhai Education Trust, the sponsoring body of SVGU, has always focused on excellent program delivery, providing holistic environment in terms of infrastructure, faculty, learning and development. These have enabled us to establish an illustrious track record on year to year basis. Taking a step forward, SVET's Chimanbhai Patel Institute Campus have now become Sardar Vallabhbhai Global University.


Today's need is to provide transformational education where one gains much more than a degree. Along with the academic excellence, our aim is to enhance personal, intellectual, professional and culture abilities of our students to make them leaders of industry and community.


As a university, we emphasize diversity, intercultural learning and a global vision. Our distinguished and dedicated faculty members are recruited very carefully. We have established an excellent network of academic collaborations and developed our curriculum keeping in mind the industry requirements. At SVGU we are committed to achieving excellence. Once again, I welcome you to the world of difference.

Provost's Message

Dr. Kiran K. Shah

Doctor of Medicine (Pharmacology) LLB, PGDM, Management, Former VC, HNG University

It is my honour and privilege to be appointed as the first Provost of Sardar Vallabhbhai Global University. I heartily welcome students from different parts of the world to join us to succeed in an environment that supports their intellectual, social and personal growth.


Our committed faculty members, well-developed curriculum and excellent facilities ensure that they enhance their skills, have impressive qualifications, embark on a global career, and achieve the heights of success. 


Our vision is to be progressive and provide a student-centered learning environment that is integrated, adaptable and relevant. The fundamental philosophy of the University is to guide students to achieve and sustain academic excellence. The students of the University will not only be prepared as per the academic point of view, but also have a well-rounded education foundation that will make them extraordinary leaders.


I look forward to welcoming young, bright minds who are eager to explore new vistas of knowledge. I work closely with the university academic leaders and the executive officers to ensure that our academic programs have financial support that maintains excellence, encourages innovation, and enhances student success. We are committed to welcoming and supporting a diverse community of scholars and students.

Registrar's Message

Dr. Mayur Shah

Ph.D. (Management-Finance), MBA (Finance), B.Com.

Dear Students,
On behalf of the University, I extend my warmest welcome to all students and individuals who wish to get engaged with us. We look forward to welcoming you in a lush green beautiful campus in Ahmedabad.
Sardar Vallabhbhai Global University (SVGU) has state of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, well-equipped laboratories with modern equipment, qualified & experienced faculty members and best practices in teaching and learning processes.  SVGU offers a wide range of programs across various disciplines, designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary for successful careers and personal growth. 
The Programmes offered by the university focus on experiential learning, self-guided learning, community engagement activities, value-based education to impart holistic education as envisaged in New Education Policy (NEP 2020).
The University offers the best value education to prospective participants that is inclusive and affordable.
We uphold high standards of quality education, student-centric approach, and a supportive learning environment. We are committed to shaping well-rounded individuals who are equipped to make a positive impact in their chosen fields and contribute meaningfully to society with noble causes.

Governing Body

1 Mr. Siddharth Patel MBA, University of Dallas, USA, Education Field 35 Years President
2 Dr. Kiran K. Shah Doctor of Medicine (Pharmacology) LLB, PGDM, Management, Former VC, HNG University Provost
3 Mr. Suhrud Patel MBA, USA, Business, Education, Social Work, Chairman, S.V. Co. Op. Bank Member
4 Dr. Sujata Shah Economist, Social Worker, Ph.D in Economics Member
5 Dr. Viraj S. Patel M.D., D. Ped (Pediatric), Social Work Member
6 Mr. Vishwesh S. Patel MBA, USA, Business Director, Co. Op Bank, Social Work Member
7 Mr. G.K. Chokshi Chartered Accountant, Education, Social Work Member
8 Mr. Harin Raval Advocate, Supreme Court, Former, Asst. Advocate General, Govt. of India Member
9 Dr. Vidyut Joshi Eminent Educationist, Social Work Member
10 Prof. Pradyumna Vyas Eminent Educationist, Long standing experience of institutional management, Former Director, NID Ahmedabad Member
11 Mr. Rajiv Gandhi Industrialist, CMD Hester Biosciences Ltd Member
12 Dr. Abhinava Singh Ph.D Management, Director, MBA Program Member
13 Dr. Hardik Soni Ph.D Computer Science, Director, MCA Program Member
14 Secretary Higher Education, Govt. of Gujarat Govt. of Gujarat Official Member