Dr. Anu Gupta

Designation: Associate Professor

Educational Qualifications: Ph.D. ,  M.B.A ,  PGDIRPM ,B.B.A

Academic Experience: 16 years

Industry Experience: 3 years

Mail id: anugupta@cpi.edu.in



Brief profile

Dr.Anu Gupta has a blend of academic and corporate experience of 18 years. She is a faculty in domain of o.b and h.r Her area of interest include performance management system, employee engagement ,compensation etc. She has been a member of BOS in GTU for 3 years from 2018-2021.She is PhD guide and has 6 research scholar under her guideship.  


Names of previous Industry Affiliations:

  1. ICICI PFS  
  2. Rajpal Toyota (Indore)


Names of previous Academic Affiliations:

  1. Idea Institute Of Management


Subjects Taught:(At CPIMR)

  1. Organisation Behaviour
  2. Human Resource Management
  3. Compensation Management
  4. Human Resource Development and Planning



  • Research Papers:
    • A study on Reward Efficiency and its impact on employee performance in hospitals in AhmedabadStudies in Indian Place Names, Vol. 40, No. 8 ( ISSN 2394-3114)
    • A Study on Work Life balance and retention on Retail Industry in Ahmedabad Studies in Indian Place Names, Vol. 40, No. 8 ( ISSN 2394-3114)
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    • An integrated framework for Factors of Work Life Balance and their association with demographics of Bank Employees during Covid 19 pandemic Sambodhi ISSN 2249-6661 Vol44,No 1(11) Jan-Mar-2021
    • Review Of Public Transportation System In Ahmedabad with the focus on Manging Urban Traffic Congestion from perspective of Behavioural aspect of commuters; International Journal Of Research in Computer Application and Management ISSN 2231-1009-1,2020 Volume 10(2020) Issue No 112 Dec,
    • Role of compensation attitude in building employee engagement with special reference to pharmaceutical sector bearing ISSN No.2321-1709
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    • Impact of QWL on employee perceived performance, job satisfaction and employee commitment bearing ISSN No. 2278-0955.
    • Employee Engagement An antecedent to Job satisfaction: An empirical study in Pharmaceutical Industry (Volume 4, Issue 2)


  • Conference proceedings
    • Impact of internal relationship marketing on employees’ job satisfaction and organization commitment in private banking sector bearing ISBN NO.978-93-81361-73-3.
    • Role of Ethics in Organized Retail bearing ISBN NO-978-81-921-445-1-1.
    • Innovative HR Practices for Stress Management978-93-80697-81-9Proceedings


  • Cases:
    • A case of TechAvidus: Is entrepreneurial leadership the key to success? (Teaching note) The Case Center (Ref No: 820-0007-8) Feb 2020
    • A case of TechAvidus: Is entrepreneurial leadership the key to success; The Case Center (Ref No: 820-0007-1) Feb 2020


  •  Chapters in a Book :
    • Strategic Challenges in Small Businesses: A Collection of Compact Cases, ISBN 978-93-5406-237-7Cotton Craft: Going Digital a need or luxury
    • Strategic Business Perspectives: A Collection of Compact Case Studies, ISBN 978-93-5361-  636—6 Tech Avidus A stroke of luck or well-defined strategy.


  • Achievements, Awards & Honours:
    • Rewarded Gold Medal (Kulpati award)IN PGDIRPM
    • Granted ICCSR Government funding research project as Co-Project Director on :”A study on urban transportation and congestion of Ahmedabad with focus on behavioural pattern of commuters with respect to public transportation
    • Awarded Scholarship by Rajasthan Government for outstanding performance in 10th    Board
    • Received Best Paper award as co-author in Perspective2014 a national level conference for paper presentation on Role of social media marketing in automobile sector
    • Appointed as a member of Board Of Studies for  3 years for H.R domain in Gujarat Technological University from 2may 2018.-2021