The Flea Market organized by the MBA Programme

The Flea Market organized by the MBA Programme

06 February 2024 - 06 February 2024 10:09 AM - 05:31 PM SVGU CAMPUS

The Flea Market organized by the MBA programme (CPIMR) on 6 th February, 2024 was a delightful blend of shopping, entertainment, and culinary delights. Alongside the various vendors offering a diverse range of goods, students set up their own food stall, tantalizing taste buds with an assortment of

delicious treats. From homemade baked goods to savory snacks, there was something to satisfy every craving.

In addition to the shopping and dining experience, students also incorporated games and activities into the Flea Market, creating a fun-filled environment for all. Students set up booths featuring classic carnival games like ring toss and play station, as well as creative DIY games crafted from recycled materials. What made this event even more special was the active involvement of faculty members, who enthusiastically participated in the activities organized by students. Their presence added a sense of camaraderie and unity to the event, fostering stronger bonds between students and faculty members


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