Mr. Nirav Shukla

Designation: Assistant  Professor

Educational Qualifications: MCA, MSc IT

Academic Experience: 15 Years

Industry Experience: 

Mail id: niravshukla@cpi.edu.in




  • Research Papers:
  1. International Journal of Novel Research and Development-“A study on Internet of Things” published in vol-2 issue-4, April-2017.Paper ID - IJNRD1704014.
  2. International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts-“An Analysis and Study on Data Warehouse Server” published in IJCRT | Volume 5, Issue 3, January 2018 | ISSN: 2320-2882.
  3. Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research-“ Analysis and Study of Mining of Social Network Data” Published in JETIR | Volume 6, Issue 6, June-2019 | ISSN:2349-5162.


  • Books Authored / Co-Authored
  1. Web Application Development- I ISBN: 978-93-88092-33-3 – Published by Computer World in 2021.