Dr. Vaidehi Shukla

Designation: Assistant Professor

Educational Qualifications: Ph.D. (Commerce), MBA (Marketing), M.com (Banking & Finance). B. Com (Account & Finance), PGDHRM

Academic Experience (In years): 9

Mail id: vaidehishukla@cpi.edu.in



Brief profile:

With over 9-years of experience in teaching versatile subject areas, Vaidehi is a full-time academician.  Currently, she is handling various profiles including the placements at Chimanbhai Patel Institute of Management & Research.  She is interested in case research, broadly in the areas of Marketing and Entrepreneurship & including Grassroots Innovation, Social entrepreneurship. She has published cases in various journals and books. Her interests include Painting, travelling and gardening.


Names of previous Academic Affiliations:

  1. N.R. Institute of Business Management
  2. Umiya college for commerce and BBA


Subjects Taught:(At CPIMR)

  1. Organizational Behaviour
  2. Sales & Distribution Management
  3. Marketing Management
  4. Product & Brand Management
  5. Management Information Systems
  6. Business Ethics and Corporate Governance




  • Cases:
  1. Shah, P., Mitra, S. & Shukla, V. (2022) , "Factors influencing consumers' adoption of e-pharmacy.” Empirical Economics Letters, Vol 21, (Special Issue 2)
  2. Shukla, V. Singh, A.S., (2021) “In Search of Marketing Needs for Grassroots Innovation: Evidence from Rural India”, Empirical Economics Letters, Vol 20 (Special Issue 1)
  3. Shukla, V. Singh, A.S , "An Eco-Friendly Venture, Farm Se: In Search of a Sustainable Business Model.", Studies in Indian Place Names Vol.40, (Special issue 8)
  4. The case titled; “Grassroots Innovation for Indian Farmers: A Study of the Market Strategies for Bullet Santi in Ahmedabad Rural” was presented in absentia at the


  • For Chapter in a book:
  1. Shukla, V., Bavisia P & Patil J (2022) “Effect of brand image on consumer taste in organic products concerning Generation Z", Resilient and Sustainable Businesses: An Indian Perspective, Lambert Academic Publishing
  2. Shukla, V, Shah, R & Khatri R (2021) “A study on problems and challenges of Handicraft industry in Gujarat”, Innovative management practices in uncertain times- an Indian perspective, Lambert Academic Publishing
  3. Shukla, V. (2020) “Marketing perspective of NB Visa World’s 25 years of excellence”, Strategic challenges in small business


Link to Social Media Profile/ Research Profile

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-vaidehi-shukla-117212a2/

ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Vaidehi-Shukla-2