Dr. Priyank Nahar

Designation: Associate Professor

Educational Qualifications: Ph.D.(CS), MCA, BCA

Academic Experience: 17 Years

Industry Experience: 1 Year

Mail id: priyank.nahar@gmail.com



Brief profile: 


Names of previous Industry Affiliations:


Names of previous Academic Affiliations:


Subjects Taught:

Data Structure, DBMS, ADBMS, .Net Technologies, Java Technologies, Cloud Computing, Operating System, Computer Fundamentals




  • Research Papers:
  1. “Detection of cache pollution attacks in a secure information centric network”., International conference on Data Analytics and Management. – 2020. (An Indo-European Conference)- Springer. Volume – 54.
  2. “Robotics for Corporate Farming”., National Conference on Communications. – 2021.
  3. “Role of Robots in Army”., Journal of The Maharaja Sayajirao University if Baroda., volume no. 55 No.1(xii) – 2021. ISSN : 0025-0422.
  4. “Public Increasing Trust of Biometric Technology” – International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology(IJEAT) -2021. ISSN : 2249-8958, volume-9,issue-4.
  5. “An Effective Smart Agriculture system using Internet Of Things”. IJEAT-2019. ISSN : 2249-8958,volume-9,issue -2.
  6. “Model Simulation of Secure Cloud Computation in IOT Environment”., International journal of future generation communication and Networking. Vol. 13, No.2, - 2020.
  7. “TELEMEDICINE-the revolutionizing healthcare ”. PIMR Second National IT Conference – 2007.
  8. “E - CRM”. IBS ICON- 2nd International Conference on Management. – 2007.
  9. “Predicaments in Automatic Parallelization of Computationally Expensive Applications” – International Journal of Computing and Business Systems - July 2015.
  10. “Models for Parallel Computing Reviews and Research” – International Referred Journal of Review and Research  - February 2016.
  11. “RethinkDB as a Cloud Based High Performance NoSQL Engine Live Streaming Application”. – International Referred Journal – 2018. ISSN : 2229-7227. Vol. 29, no. 2.
  12. “Cloud Based Development with Architecture using Google Colaboratory”. – International Referred Journal.


  • Books Authored / Co-Authored
  1. Visual and Windows Programming.


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