Dr. Dharmeshkumar Bhavsar

Designation: Director

Educational Qualifications: Ph. D. in Computer Science (IT), M.Sc. (IT), BE Computer

Academic Experience: 23 Years

Industry Experience: 5.5 Years

Mail id: directorbca@cpi.edu.in




  • Research Papers:
  1. Presented a paper on “Robotics for corporate farming” at the National conference on Communications (NCC) held in Solapur, India on 10th April, 2021.

  2. Published a paper on “Cyber Security Integrated Real Time Application with Digital Forensics“ (Shodh Pravesh – A multidesciplinary quarterly referred internation journal ISSN : 2249-6742 and UGC Serial no. 40965 Vol. 8.3 April-June 2019)

  3. Published a paper on “Development of Internet of Things enabled Web applications using redhat openshift” (JETIR - Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research,  ISSN no. 2349-5162 Jan 2019 Volume 6 Issue 1)

  4. Published a paper on “An effective and empirical evaluation on assorted platforms and perspectives of Internet of Things” (Pramana International Referred Journal ISSN : 2249-2976  Jan-Mar 2019 Issue)

  5. Published a paper on “Implementation Perspectives of Secured Environment for Internet of things using IBM Bluemix” (Chintan International Research Journal ISSN no. 2229-7227 Jan-Mar 2018 Issue part II)

  6. Published a paper on “Open source cloud and integration aspects for Internet of things” (Pramana International Referred Journal ISSN : 2249-2976  Jan-Mar 2018 Issue part II)

  7. Published a paper on “Smartphone Security and Real Time Analytics using Programming Environment “ in an international peer reviewed journal ISSN no. 2348-6228, UGC serial no. 42685 Jan-Mar 2018 Vol. 5.

  8. Published in an International Referred Journal of Reviews and Research on “Watermarking – an effective approach for security and integrity” during January-2016.

  9. Published in an International Journal of Enterprise computing and Business systems on “Safety and Concealing Information Utilizing Combinatorial Data Hiding Proficiencies” during July-2015.

  10. Published in an International Journal IJETTCS on “What User wants, How User gets the same: Extraction of User Preferences in Web Site”, during May-2013.

  11. Published in an International Journal IJCSS on "A Personalized approach for web-based system: Adaptive web site: " during May-June -2013.

  12. Published and presented, “Model Architecture for Web Information Repository and Webhouse through Web Warehouse” in 4th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies (ICACCT 2010), Panipat, Hariyana, India.


  • Books Authored / Co-Authored
  1. System software (SS)

    (MCA semester III…According to the syllabus of GTU)

    Place of publication : Ahmedabad

    No. of pages including index :

    Authors : Prof. Dharmeshkumar B. Bhavsar    

    Co-author : Prof. Sudhirkumar J. Patel (MCA, Ph.D. (pursu.), HOD, D. L. Patel inst. Of mgt. and tech., MCA college, Vidhyanagar)

    Thakur Publishers, Ahmedabad (www.tppl.co.in)

    ISBN : 978-93-82249-31-3

    Edition : 2013-14

  2. Database Management System II

    BCA Semester IV .. As per the syllabus of GU

    Publication : Computer World publication

    ISBN : 978-93-88092-20-3

    Year: 2020.

  3. Object oriented concepts and programming
    BCA Semester III

    Computer world

    Year 2020

    ISBN : 978-93-88092-29-6

  4. Edited Books


  1. Database Management System

    BCA Semester II

    Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University

    Year : 2021

    ISBN : 978-81-949223-0-8

  2. Mobile Application Development (BCAR-503)

    BCA Semester V

    Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University

    Year - 2022

    ISBN : 978-93-91071-13-4